the cost of my last minute everything

back in college I could fineese my way through anything last minute. get an A on a presentation I researched that morning. pass papers I waited the night before to start. there was a thrill that came with knowing I didn't prepare and passed with flying colors.

the older I get, the more expensive this negative habit has been for my poor bank account.  

here are some short stories & examples:

1) paying $80 for my luggage in Paris.

When you travel you're only allowed X amount of pounds for your luggage. All I had to do is read the info card on luggage allowance to avoid extra charges. I didn't. Right before my flight back from Paris to Barcelona I went to the french pharmacy and went crazy and got a bunch of products (things I could of got at the Spain pharmacy as well) & ended up paying $80 because for each pound I was over there was a heavy fine for it. SMFH I could of had an extra $80 for gifts but instead of my poor planning I ended up getting charged!

2) buying a cheap $100 flight with a bunch of hidden fees

I recently had to push a flight due to work & came up on a flight from Orange County to Raleigh for $103 and almost peed my pants. It’s not an easy flight. It’s 5.5 hours direct and about 7-8 average. 

There’s something so thrilling about buying something for a cheaper price than what it was originally (it must be the asian in me).

I felt like I wont the lottery. lol, I saw the $103 price tag compared to the other $165-$200 and just said yes, immediately.

so here are a few things I’ve learned about my really cheap flight:

  1. Ride to the airport                                                                                                          normally it would be about $25 from Koreatown to Burbank/LAX. my trip from Koreatown to SDU was $75 during traffic hour

2) Seat fees /bag fees/ drink fees

$13 fee to pick a seat on this airline

Since I had a layover I had to purchase two seats ($13 for a basic/ cheapest seat $30 for ones that were closer to the front)… A couple thought they could get around this step and “forget” to purchase their seat, they ended up missing this flight because the airline overbooked. Not a good move!! tragic! missing a 11:50pm flight because you didn’t want to pay $13 for a seat fee -__-

bags $25 for checked bag

drinks in flight $1.99

with all the fees. my total came out to be:

$103 flight

$26 seat fees

$25 bag fee

$75 ride to the airport

total: $229

3) losing my driver's license. having to travel & needing a visa all at the same time.

Getting a Visa would of cost me $40-$80 depending on where I went. But because I lost my d.l and need my passport to fly I had to overnight my visa request which cost me $120. if you get your visa done early, you wouldn't have to pay an overnight request like me -___-

4) missing my flight back to LA (9am arrival turned into 3pm, tears were involved) // worst customer service U.S Airways!!!!!!! 

it's best to check in online, have your mobile boarding pass, have at least a 2 hour window, and luggage paid for all before you even step foot on airport grounds. my fight was at 7:05am. I was ready at 4:30am. There was an uber available. It would take me 30 mins to get to the airport. I didn't want to be at the airport at 5am. So I waited. 5:15am came around and NO UBER WAS AVAILABLE. 5:25am comes around and I'm panicking at this point. I call a cab. he said he would be there in 10 minutes!

THANK GOD. I'm outside in the pitch black north carolina forrest waiting for him. it's 5:45am now. I'm calling: hey! it's over 15 minutes where are you I NEED TO CATCH A FLIGHT, LMK I CAN CALL SOMEONE ELSE.

he tells me to hold tight. he's 10 minutes away. they're slammed tonight and he's helping someone else. I try my best at this point to not lose my shit because this is MY FAULT i'm late. so I call someone else.



perfect. it's 5:50am at this point. I finally see headlights. it's taxi cab #1. he gets to my gate and instead of driving in and through the road to the house he's parked there REVERSED. I'm calling. 

"hey can you please drive down to the crib? it's a really far walk. can you hurry. sorry I'm going to be late"

him: sure. I need to reverse. can you open the gate again?

we're on the road. it's 6am. he's going 40 in a 40. 60 in a 60. he's trying to talk. he's driving in the slow lane. this is all my fault. I can't even have a bad attitude. I ask him to drive a little faster. 

he's doing the best be can. we get to the airport. it's 6:23am. Im running in. I'm trying to log in on those stupid machines. the guy ask what time my flight is.

me: 7:05am!

guy: do you have your boarding pass?

me: no

him: oh go get in line

me: why? there's like 5 people ahead of me. I need to go! my flight is in 40 mins!!!! could you please help me

him: i can't help you. you need to get in line


so i'm in line. it's 6:30am now. I get to the front. the guy at the counter looks at me and asks WTF AM I IN LINE. talks to his friend for A WHOLE ENTIRE MIN

"it's 30 mins before your flight sorry the computer won't let me check you in"

I just started crying at this point. never in my life did I feel this helpless. like he was doing everything in his power to make sure I missed my flight that I paid for. I'm sorry you overbooked but my seats were already reserved for this flight sir. he didn't even TRY. like he purposely worked slow so he didn't have to check me in. more tears at the counter. I'm so frustrated. if I was traveling with my boss who was a white male would we miss our flight? most likely not.

the worst customer service i have ever experienced in my entire life.

so what did I take away from these tears at the counter?

to give myself more time when it comes to traveling. be more prepare and not give fucking haters the privilege of ruining your day.

ok, so I got a little carried away with the whole point of #3 but u.s airway just made me so unhappy I felt like someone of colored trying to dine at the polo club in NYC. FUCK ITS 2015!!!


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