road trip: pismo beach// BEST CLAM CHOWDER AT SPLASH CAFE

pismo beach: the land of the ATV, weekend beach house getaways, best clam chowder in the universe, and extremely mellow vibes (I mean I had to use my indoor voice outside at one point)

3 hours from Los Angeles, 3 hours from San Jose. It's the perfect in-between.

Clam Chowder (award winning) from Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach is worth the 3 hour drive alone.

Growing up in the Bay Area I had sourdough clam chowder bowls multiple times from Fishersman's Wharf in San Francisco and never understood the hype. Clam chowder from the can tastes better in my opinion. The sourdough was hard and gross on my asian palate. 

Every single friend recommended Splash Cafe. "YOU CANT LEAVE PISMO WITHOUT GOING TO SPLASH CAFE"

so we waited in the line (there's always a line- but it moves quick) & it worth the drive and wait. I'm the type of girl that would rather just skip the place if there's a line but here I would do it all over again. Not an avid soda drinker but a crisp, cold orange soda pairs so well with a bowl of clam chowder here.

MY ORDER: bowl of clam chowder with extra clams on top and chives. small orange soda.

normally when you eat clam chowder I feel like it's potato water chowder. there's like 2 fake pieces of clams and the rest is huge chunks of gross potatoes to fill. chowder here at splash cafe is thick and extremely fresh. as if they went and got the clams for you right before it made it into your bowl. REAL CLAMS IN THIS CLAM CHOWDER? yes. option to add cheese or chives. option to add even more clam on top. 

the amount of clam you get in one serving is at EVERY BITE. SO DAMN GOOD. nothing like it anywhere. even if you're not a huge clam chowder fan I think you'll come around!!

Doesn't hurt that pismo is the most relaxing spot ever and great photo opps all around :)

what are your favorite things to do in Pismo?


Kimono: Phraseology // all photos by me // last photo by: vivian


Splash Café Pismo Beach

197 Pomeroy Ave, Pismo Beach, CA 93449 // (805) 773-4653