iPhone snaps in Jamaica #2

#1) my friend belly rat (a.k.a kirk) & I on the swings on my last day there :( I tried not crying during our goodbyes/ I'll see you later // kirk is such a kind soul! he didn't let me leave our hotel (don't get me started) in Kingston to get food because he said it was too dangerous and always made sure I was happy & well feed. he's so passionate about music and has such a good heart! can't wait for everything he's cooking up negril.

#2) selfie in the melting heat eating my frozen juice bag

#3) grape flavor to be exact :) "JAH BLESS" made in jamaica 

#4) proud that I made my own ice coffee in Jamaica and took some photos to prove it (you guys know sometimes traveling they don't believe in ice coffee)

#5) the weakest mesh net separation I've seen on a flight. lol might as well not pull it over. man the airport in jamaica is ROUGH! lots of yelling. no a.c, hectic AF

#6) best surprise ever: finding a hair tie when you need it most!

#7) always a two drink minimum. p.s stole that crappy cheap blanket from my flight & it saved my ass so many times on that trip.


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