the best bun bo hue in san jose,ca

first off. can we not translate what bun bo hue is in English? we don't translate what pho is anymore (thank-god because "beef noodle soup" is a trash definition & just WRONG)

bun bo hue is bun bo hue & you should get familiar with this delicious dish because I said so & you're welcome!

this spot has been a favorite of mine since high school. we would go here before powderpuff practice then regret it later but it was always worth it. 99% of the time when my best-friend Kelly picks me up from the airport, this would be my first spot (yes, before HOME- ITS THAT SERIOUS)

get here early because they do run out of it for the day & once they're out hearts start breaking.  better than bun bo hue an nam tbh. thoughts!?!

let me know your favorite place for bun bo hue in san jose


Pho Tau Bay

1628 Hostetter Rd # D, San Jose, CA 95131

(408) 441-7261 , opens till midnight most nights

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