sample platter // guisados

if you follow me on instagram you know I love food. here's the sample platter from guisados. what separates them from a traditional street tacos are two things:

1) their handmade tortillas (fluffy, spongey heaven) 

2) all their meats are more like stews (homestyle braises) vs regular marinated meat 

not your average taco & that's what I like about them. it's their own language and they do it so well. (no onion, cilantro, or lime on these tacos) seeing them grow to 4 locations in Los Angeles is crazzzzzzyy. a must try if you're in town & want to experience something delicious. 

top picks: 

sample platter: you can pick your choice of 5 tacos or have them pick the top 5 sellers for you. what I like about the sample platter is the size of the tacos. you get to try a bunch without getting too full or getting bored of one taco

(sample platter tacos vs reg tacos are different sizes)

my sample platter: 2 chicharron (so good & sooooo fatty. after one you're good but I'm a little selfish and do 1.5 of the chicharron dosage - you've been warned) 2 Cochinita Pibil (the BEST/most spicy pickled red onion and habanero chile everrrrrr **I need this recipe) and whatever else I'm feeling for the day

don't forget the horchata.


photo by me

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