days off in San Francisco

hiiiiiii! sorry I've been gone for a couple of days. I needed a mental break. I needed a couple days off. had to recharge & get re-inspired. I was feeling overwhelmed and really burnt out. working just to maintain and not really create anything I was proud of.

I missed my flight coming back to LA and cried at the counter...then decided it was a great idea to get drunk while waiting for the next flight out. adult stuff at it's finest. also the most uncomfortable plane ride, instead of having a direct 5.5 flight I took the long way back. I was supposed to get in at 9am but didn't touch down until 2:30pm. 

things I've learned: 

1) don't assume there's always an Uber 

2) plan to be at the airport AT LEAST 1 hour before your flight

3) print out your ticket or have it on your mobile

flew back to LA for 2 days (desperately needed some me time) then went to see my family + friends in the bay... now I'm back in LA with a bunch of stuff to finish up! 

I can't believe it's been 8 months since I've been home! Spent 2/4 days in San Francisco. With weather over 95+ being outdoors was fantastic. I've been hiding from the North Carolina sun so my sun kissed skin hasn't been so sun kissed.

growing up in the bay I never really appreciated San Francisco to be as beautiful as it is. I got two separate tours of the city & can't wait to share them with you! here are some snaps from my bestie aljed.

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what are your favorite things to do in San Francisco?!?