so I got pranked...

told myself reality tv wasn't for me + I was too smart to ever get PRANKED ......


I GOT PRANKED!!!!!! So I got casted to be in a foodie competition. I knew I was shooting a pilot that day but had no clue the tables would turn & I would be the victim to this cruel prank. Everyone on set was in on it, they were all professional actors. (All the chefs, the other contestant, the judge, etc etc) 

I was soooooo focused on showing off my skills as a foodie that I was totally caught off guard. Everyone was SO DAMN GOOD at their jobs. 

I was sweating through my clothes, shaking, crying on the inside and honestly blacking out!!!!! I remember them asking me questions and I couldn't process anymore information I was mentally shutting down. lol.

can you fuckin' believe it? 

It's David Spade's new prank show called FAMELESS (lol)

Here's a little snippet:

Make sure to check out the Full Episode on TruTV Wednesdays at 10:30pm

hope you guys had fun watching it!

share it with your bestie ;)