don't wake me up: The Rock House Hotel // Negril, Jamaica


man... I could spend months at the Rock House Hotel  in Negril, Jamaica and still feel like I'm living a dream each and everyday. is that what falling in love feels like? heaven everyday? living a dream everyday?

I was pinching myself every other moment. I took a million selfies. I snapchatted my face off. I needed proof, I wanted proof for later me. I was feeling BLESSED AF. 

well if you're single don't feel too bad because heaven exist in other forms, haha! or if you're in love and want to take it to the next're welcome.

my routine: no makeup, lots of rum cream, lots of sunblock, lots of jerk chicken and naturally wavy wet hair from chilling pool side all day.

if you guys are planning a trip to Jamaica make sure you try to spend at least one night here. off season rates are incredible! the art, the culture, the food, all the friends you'll meet. being on the beach is really nice but hanging cliffside is heaven on earth. 

one of my favorite experiences to date.

has anyone else been to Jamaica? what were some of your favorite memories?! 


I'm decked out from head to toe in PhraseologyLA 

shorts: found here

top: found here