iphone snaps in Jamaica

man, it's so hard balancing "living in the moment" + "capturing moments" while on vacation. here are some iPhone snaps, hope you guys enjoy.

#1 my first sunset in negril (although day 2) drinking none other than a delicious cold RED STRIPE, what a view! (update 8/10/2015 RED STRIPE ISN'T BREWED IN JAMAICA, DA FAQ)

#2 Rick's Cafe! & birks (they make my feet look chubby as hell)

#3 early morning "make it yourself" ice coffee (just add ice, lol) + swim at kuyaba resort 

#4 cliffside birks shot again 

#5 found passion fruit +cherimoya (custard apple) on the island for $3 USD, I was crying from happiness

#6 Rick's Cafe x Red Stripe x Sunset photo to sign off