kingston, jamaica

kingston, jamaica was a wild ride. I was there for three days after being in Negril for my first two nights. spent most of the time rehearsing, finding wifi, drinking fresh coconuts, or in the studio. we spent most of our days in Kingston working so there was very little downtime to explore or relax. we were in & out.

days were really long, really hot.

#1 if you don't hear from me after this internet blogging / digital media career know that I'm somewhere in Jamaica enjoying organic mangos, sugarcane, coconuts, red stripes, and lots to jerk chicken. sugar cane is one of my favorites. studies shows (you can go ahead and google) that sugarcane juice is better than coconut water. everyday before bongo herman comes to work surprise me with me fruit. the first day was a coconut the 2nd was a bag of pre-cut SUGAR CANE. I was in heaven!  

#2 studio selfie trying not to go crazy...I think it was a 16 hour work day this day.

#3 towards the end of the session I get rewarded with a rum cream. the fuckin' best. I can drink this all day. comes pre-made. SO SO SOOOOO GOOD. like baileys in the states but better.

oh & my cute lil' island outfit (shorts + kimono) is from phraseology ... shoes are birkenstocks.

#4 simple menu's in jamaica. each spot was like this. no crazy long menus. I got the bbq chicken

#5 bbq meal + a ting (jamaica grape fruit soda) + rice & beans

#6 once the 12 hour studio day was over we hit a night market & it was time for me to drink some more rum cream // rum cream selfie

#7 street food!!!! YASSSS. grilled shrimp with the SPICIEST pickled carrot/ onion combo with Jamaican bread/veggie I forgot what this was called.... kind of like our version of fries in the states but this was a little doughy, sweeter, and chewy. 


have any of you guys been to Kingston?!?