current obsession:

COOLA's classic sport spf 50 organic sunscreen in fresh mango.

you know it's real when you cut the thing in half to get an extra 2 days worth. 

aint. no. shame

really love this one because 1) it's buttery & velvety like a luxurious lotion for your body (&face) 2) no 1999 sunscreen smell (the mango scent is light and beautiful) 3) protects my hands and feet from getting' a bunch of pre-mature wrinkles 4) it protects my tattoos from fading this summer 5) I WILL HAVE BEAUTIFUL SKIN (present me +future me) because today is the day you should start to invest in your health and skin <<ya feel me>>

p.s.s it's really important to treat yourself well and protect yourself from all the bad stuff. if you have tattoos you should invest in a good sunscreen to keep them looking' fresh as hell. i don't leave my house without sunscreen these days. i know you've heard this a million times but I really see the difference in my complexion when I treat it well :) & I want you to look your fuckin best. today and ten years from now.