best friends at the getty villa

my bestie visited me in LA recently so we decided to hit up the getty villa for some art + photo opportunities. funny story... in 6th grade when she told me she was moving schools I CRIED. we're still best-friends till this day & even have matching tattoos to prove it. yea, it's THAT SERIOUS.  

bestfriends 4 lyfe.


#1 california drought = no water 

#2 quick dinner selfie before we were forced tequila shots (thanks jessica)

#3 marble floors (chucks + kate spade SATURDAY)

#4 casual "i'm in a garden/blogger/instagram" photo

#5 lotus flowers!!!!!! MY FAVORITE

#6 new grandma slippers I'm living in these days. taking a break from my birks. 

#7 signing outtttttt


p.s.s shout out to my best friend who always makes time to see me or hang out every time I'm in town. so happy she flew to LA this time! relationships are the only currency so make time for people who mean the most to you. no excuses. and try your very best not to be all difficult with the hang out process. it's so simple. pick a date, time, place.