when Yelped failed me in Madrid, Spain & what it taught me one year later

last October (2014) my room-mate and I made our way to Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia) and Paris for vacation. food is really important to us. we live to eat. we pride ourselves in finding gems.

we were sooooo excited to eat tapas / non-american food and get lost in a new culture.

then reality hit:  2+ weeks and eating tapas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner got really old, really fast. 

we hunted real hard for Asian food, because Asian food is just the fuckin' best & we're really good at it! AND I LOVE SOUP, and NEEDED SOUP so badly.

so after a lil' research and many Yelpers who claimed that this was the BEST CHINESE FOOD in Madrid, my room mate and I embarked on our journey to:

Zhou Yulong - El Chino de Plaza España

there were Yelpers from all of the map claiming this spot was better than San Francisco, etc etc so I was HYPED!!

we taxi'd across town. walked around the park at least 5 loops searching for the secret entrance (it's underneath a park and you had to take a sketchy dark subway entrance to get there) and finally, we FOUND IT. 

(please read all the yelp reviews here)

anyways, long story short... all 47 reviews were ... "different" from what I've experienced. 

lesson of the day: to each his own! and everyone's opinion does matter :) just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean it doesn't hold meaning.

it's so interesting to me that this blog post started out as a complaining rant and turned into a beautiful lesson almost one year later. 

here's to always learning, always listening, and always growing into the best you.

xx Thu

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