how to combat winter skin in 4 easy steps

my skin sucks right now. I’ve been traveling a bunch + dehydrated + climate change + weather change + jet lag. 

I just got back from Asia where it was extremely hot and humid. While I was abroad I was pretty dehydrated. I was getting sick off the ice and didn’t trust the bottled water so my skin was suffering. Now that I’m back in Los Angeles it’s time to solve this dry skin problem. 

my skin is so dry + itchy this winter. I’m not even moisturizing with lotions anymore, I’ve created a four step process that will bring your glow back! No more dry patches living on top of your liquid foundation!

1) exfoliate: (The Clarisonic Mia)

the trick to getting rid of the dry top layer of winter skin is to exfoliate gently and regularly especially during the winter months. The clarisonic Mia is my favorite! I use this in the shower and it does all the work for me. My skin feels super cleaned and all the dry skin is slowly diminishing. 

2) a moisture mask: (Juara Avocado Banana Moisture Mask)

Normally I only use masks to treat my acne or overly oily skin but it’s time to switch up the regimen to put moisture back into my skin. This mask by Juara does just that! It’s thick consistency feels so nice and when you wash it off your skin feels like a baby’s bottom. This mask stops your skin from drying out + such a nice treat to unwind with. You need it this winter!

3) treatment toner: (belif Witch Hazel Herbal Extract Toner)

I’ve been testing this toner all summer. normally when you hear the words “toner + witch hazel” you automatically think: drying. Right? a summer product. or is that just me? I remember the first time using this toner I was really surprised at the texture. It’s almost like an essence. more of a light gel texture than water based toner. it disappears into your skin quickly. then I read more about the product and it’s actually a HYDRATING toner for lazy girls who want to hydrate dry dull skin while also deeply moisturizing. very new wave toner that I am loving very much. 

4) a heavy duty moisturizer: an oil or ointment (lucas pawpaw)

no regular moisturizer can solve this issue. especially if it’s one you’ve been using as your skin changes. normally I would go to bed with Marula but since my skin has a new condition for me to fix I had to switch it up to something more dramatic! lol. 

Lucas pawpaw ointment is the secret. Better than an oil in my opinion. I’m only saying this because I use an oil year round and switching over to a heavy ointment really works for my skin. Yes your face will be a little heavy with product but I promise winter skin does not stand a chance with lucas pawpaw. 

& that’s that. in that order: exfoliate, mask, toner, ointment + drink LOTS OF WATER


have a post it, tally it. have a jar, pay yourself every-time you finish a glass. do it for yourself. do it for you skin. 

I know you hear it all the time but if you spend all this money on products fixing the outside when your insides need love too it doesn’t work. there has to be a balance between internal + external. treat your body with love all around! 

what are some of your favorite winter skin products?






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