story time: how to fix a bad ombre + balayage process w @hairbygiovanna

Before ever getting my hair ombre’d in 2010 I’ve never had my hair colored before. It was a horrible ombre btw. The color didn’t match my black dark virgin hair and there was no blending involved. This was before Instagram was huge and you had options I think. Nah, lets be honest: I was lazy + wanted to be trendy immediately, that very day, the same day I got the idea stuck in my head. I went to any hair stylist and said: Give me the ombre.

I walked out feeling like god’s gift. Half dark, half light out there looking like dipped Oreos, SMFH. 

Every-time I had my hair straighten it was the WORST. I COULD SEE THE LINES. That bad. I hated my hair. It was in a bun for a very long time. That summer my friend Katie just graduated cosmetology school & thankfully she fixed me up. Back to a basic brunette. I was sooooo thankful she got rid of the gross ombre +I had beautiful even hair again but I’ve always missed the idea of having that color on me. Scarred from my rookie decisions but still always lusting about having the hair color of my dreams.

Flash forward June 2012 ….I just moved to Los Angeles and hit my 6+ months mark and wanted a change. Nothing screams “NEW ME” than getting your hair done, drastically. So this time around I let my investigation skills take over and did so much research.

The bayalage technique was in and ombre was on the back burner. I yelped. I read every single comment. Good. Bad. Ugly. Called a bunch of people and got price quotes. Looked at a million photos. Screenshot a million photos. 

& then the universe came through and I found Giovanna. I’ve never seen anyone paint beautiful sun kissed strands than her. Her hair color was sexy, beautiful, and very effortless. She not only specialized in balayage/the color I wanted but also had a lot of experience with dark asian hair. 

So lets break that down. Whats the different between bayalage and ombre? Bayalage is a technique of hair painting…you can still get the ombre effect from it because it’s gradual but it’s not a harsh light + dark. They’re mini highlights all over vs. 2 color fade out. 

My hair is very specific. I don’t have straight silky asian hair. My hair is kinky, wavy, and really really dark. I need a stylist that understood my texture & end hair goals.

Giovanna was my hair match in heaven. We texted. I sent her what I wanted….my hair goals & she asked me to send her a photo of my current hair. I did. She told me she couldn’t get me that light in 1 sitting and I would have to come back maybe 2 or 3 times. Ignorant and young I was a little upset. “what do you mean you can’t get me this color?” “why do I have to come back 3 times this process is so $$$$$” “is she just trying to rip me off?!”

Anyways… I go to my first appointment & here is my hair! How pretty is it?

Then another time she lightened me up:

fast forward to today… She’s still my girl! It’s been over 3 years. You don’t understand how many times I’ve messed my color up and came in & she fixed it right up. (BTW, don’t follow my foot steps… be good to your hair)

I remember the first time in her chair not knowing what to expect…it took all night! I didn’t leave the salon until AFTER closing. And I didn’t take care of my hair so my color wasn’t that vibrant and was really dried.

What better way to explain this process than filming my day at the salon with her? We started about 12/1pm and didn’t end until 6pm. It’s a long day! 

Enjoy this process video. I have a Q + A with her coming out next Wednesday so if you want to know tips & trick about keeping your hair fresh, the best balayage color for your complexion and all of that check back here soon!

Get in touch with Giovanna:

She's at @IndustryDTLA 

Bookings 310-384-7810 

113 E 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015



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