I turn 26 today!!

I turn 26 today! It’s kind of weird because I remember turning 23 but not 24 or 25? LOL.

I wanted to originally do a YouTube video for my birthday but lost my tripod in Charlotte and never re-ordered one so here I am…typing this reflection as a blog post. Actually it’s not a reflection. It’s a letter to 25 year old me during Feb 2015. 

Because Feb 2015 me and Dec 2015 grew 20 different souls. 

Hi from the future. lol I’m really not that far off in the future we’re in the same year just different months. Would you believe me if I said things would change 360 for you? What you’re going through today is nothing like how your life would be in a couple of months. Stop reading those horoscopes, lol. Oh, you’re gunna want your own coconut tree so start a coconut tree fund now. And stop watching those youtube hack videos on how to open a coconut, girl we got shit to do. 

I get it. Your feelings are hurt. You got burned. You had to learn some tough lessons this year. For the first time in your life you’re lost. You’ve always had a plan and always got what you wanted. But now you’re here with no plan for the first time and that freaks you out. 

It’s ok. Freak out. Write it all down. Everything. This is the fresh start you’ve been wanting for so long but were too afraid to go after. 

What are you so afraid of? 

Get out of your own head. Stop over-thinking everything. 

You’ve gotten a little comfortable since you’ve been in Los Angeles. Maybe a little lazy? Remember that girl that packed her car up with no job or apartment and moved herself to a new city? She had a dream. She has a mission. She was fearless. She didn’t overthink the move, she went after what she wanted. 

1) whatever you want to do. your next move. don’t doubt it. don’t question it. JUST GO FOR IT. remember when you applied for your dream job out of college and thought you under-qualified but still landed it. 

2) since when did you care about what people thought of you? you never cared. come on girl. focus your energy on positives. get off the internet!!!! 

3) keep working on your craft everyday even if it feels like there’s no immediate reward. we’re in this for the long haul. you need to be ready at all times. keep pushing. all you need is the perfect opportunity to match your talents and magic will happen. this isn’t overnight but it’s on its way.

4) you need a new hobby. I don’t care what it is. something NEW and you need to leave the house. maybe hiking? maybe 15 minutes exploring a different neighborhood each day? maybe 15 minutes reading at a park? GET OUT OF THE HOUSE.

5) pick the phone up. I know you don’t want to talk about anything right now, but you have to or else you will lose it. you need to check in. you need to express your feelings. that’s what friends are for. you need to stop being a little hard headed princess and keep your friends looped in THEY WANT TO KNOW. promise it’ll make you feel better

6) all your travels are possible. write where you want to go down. in your wildest dreams. write it all down. 

7) you need to let go of anything that no longer serves you. seriously let it go. take all the lessons you can from the situation and move on. you need to grow. living in the past isn’t growing. 

8) you’re probably not going to want to hear this but you’re creating your own limitations right now. once you get out of your own way I promise you can have anything you want. you act like you don't have a plan or know what you want when you really do. The reason you’re feeling lost is because you’re too scared to really go for it, silly. I promise it gets easier every time you approach something new and different. it’s almost 2nd nature and now I don’t even think about how scary something is. I just do anything and everything with an open mind and heart. it’s actually really fun. I don't want to spoil anything for you but let’s just say this year could be THE BEST YEAR of YOUR LIFE. I know it doesn’t feel like it right now but this is very possible. I am writing from the future and all.

up to you my girl. make moves. make it happen. oh, and happy birthday from the future.


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