Patrick Ta's Signature Glow x Shiva x Monika Blunder

For someone who loves makeup I really don’t like getting it professionally done. 9 out of 10 times I walk out feeling like a clown and not the best me. I feel like I do my makeup 100 times better and rather go that route then waste time in the chair to end up taking it all off. Especially when the artist can’t get my brows right, that’s the worst. I use to think it was because the makeup artist sucked but in all honestly it’s just because we have different styles + makeup ascetics. I love my makeup a certain way. 

There are only two makeup artists in Los Angeles I would trust with my face + life!! I’m so picky and particular it kills me!!

Patrick Ta is my favorite makeup artist in the game. Everything about his style to his technique really screams everything I’m obsessed with. Monika blunder brought Patrick in as a guest to show one of his signature looks on model Shiva. Check the video out. I’ve been practicing like crazyyyyy.

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Who would you trust with your face?!?!


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