Let’s talk lashes.

I love everything about beauty. Meeting friends and joining communities and supporting each other, etc. I once told someone I LOVED their lashes and asked what mascara they used.

Her reply: I forgot.

I don’t know if you can forget something like the brand of mascara because she had spider lashes (nothing wrong, I love spider lashes too) but you know she applied at least four layers, EVERYDAY. I thought that was really mean. She might have really forgot, who knows. But I feel like you shouldn’t feel threatened sharing the mascara or products you used? 

The other person, no matter how hard they try can’t look like you so what’s the issue here? 

Anyways… rant over let’s talk the best lashes + mascara.

I use to collect mascaras as if they were the golden ticket but soon realized that mascaras dry out once they’re open so you shouldn’t collect them. I would consider myself a mascara snob. I’ve tested and used them all. These four have been on rotation this year and my top picks.

Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara in Rich Black

Formula: The formula takes a little longer to dry but once it dries it will stay put until you cry or wash it off. Perfect for really humid climates because you would never worry about your mascara running. The formula couldn’t run even if it wanted to. 

Brush: The brush is tiny and you could coat every single lash perfectly. I really like two coats. Super amazing payoff and your lashes are long, black, and it separates beautifully. 

Lasting: Long lasting, cry-proof, could work out in this, if you get splashed with water you would be ok. (can’t go swimming though)

Take Off: The formula doesn’t break down like other mascaras, these come off like mini tubes on your lashes. No raccoon eyes here. But you will get the pieces in your sink. 

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real!

Formula: The formula is SUPER wet but I like it because you don’t need to layer as many layers for the spider effect. Really like this.

Brush: The brush is rubber-like. Be careful I’ve taken my eye out twice getting too close with my lash line. 

Lasting: Long lasting…I love how long my lashes look in this mascara. 

Take Off: I take this one off when I shower because it’s the easiest way. 

Eyeko Eye Do Mascara

Formula: Just as wet as Benefit Cosmetics if not wetter. The trick is to wipe the excess back on the tube (so you can use it later duh) once you get the hang of using less product you will LOVE EYEKO. everyone who’ve I’ve introduced this to loves it. 1 month in the formula will set and you would no longer have to wipe the excess, you’ll see when you use it. 

Brush: Skinny + Eyedo are my favorite brush heads from Eyeko

Lasting: Longest lasting mascara out of the bunch.

Take Off: Toughest mascara to take off from the bunch but I love it. On a hot stressful workday my foundation is on the floor but my eyeliner + lashes are always fleecky. I get so many compliments on my lashes. 

It Cosmetics Hello Lashes

Formula: I think there’s something in this mascara that makes your lashes grow. I swear when I use this or Eyeko I notice a difference in the length of my lashes naturally before even applying mascara. Does anyone else feel the same? 

Brush: LOVE THIS BRUSH MOST. At the end of the brush you get a small ball kind of the the Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes. So you get the regular mascara bed + the rollie ball at the end. A wonderful 2 in 1. Makes a huge difference when you want to get the corners, your lashes will have that fan effect. it's perfection.

Lasting: long lasting, smear proof

Take Off: Don’t cry with this mascara. Stings like a bitch. Breakdown is typical like a normally mascara. If you don’t use a wipe or coconut oil your eye will be black after your shower.

nail color is floss gloss in “moon baby”

what are some of your favorite mascaras?