100% cotton tampons from LOLA

Could we talk about our periods? My mom hates that my sister and I use tampons. Maybe it’s an Asian thing but we ALWAYS get lectured about the risk of TSS at home. Still at 26 if I was home for the holidays with tampon wrappings in the trash my mom would find me INSTANTLY and lecture me about it. But to be honest I’m just not a pads girl. I never liked it, it’s not comfortable for me. 

Since traveling this year I’ve been really inspired to dig a little deeper when it comes to my health. I’ve been checking on the ingredients more, being more conscious. Making effort to read up on things I’m putting inside my body. I’ve been researching a bunch on different period options because we have options…and we need to explore them. What you see at your local drug store isn’t your only option. 

I didn’t even know there was a huge market for organic tampons (go do a quick google search, so MANY).

anyways…100% cotton tampons, organic tampons, diva/moon cups, and thin pads.

I’ve been researching about the moon cup/diva cup because a friend of mine loves her and saids it’s one of the best investments she made. Since I was traveling that wasn’t the best option for me to test out. LOL. I think that’s a little advance for me. So I started looking into 100% cotton tampons. I’m graduating from store bought chemically filled to just simple 100% cotton. 

Like is there even a difference? Why are these tampons being marketed as 100% cotton? What type of cotton is in my current store bought tampons?!

What kind of tampons do you use? Do you ever look at the ingredients on the box? I know you don’t eat your tampons but go have a quick look. I’m sure there are things in there that shouldn’t be. After this obsession I went to the local health store (Whole Foods/Trader Joes/Weaver Street Market) and got myself some organic cotton tampons and felt empowered. There was only one brand + a lot of bloggers seem to like this all natural brand so I got it. 

I hated these organic cotton tampons so much!!! Probably the worst tampons I’ve ever used. It was so painful, uncomfortable I ended up throwing them out and using my chemically filled regular tampons.

So the search continues… after a bunch of google searches I came across LOLA. Maybe it was the simplicity, maybe it was the calming blue colors that I like… I found what I was missing. What I didn’t know I was missing from my tampon game. 

  1. LOLA delivers to your door every month. A tampon subscription?! YES> SIGN ME UP. 18 per box that you can set and choose from. 10 Regs, 4 Super, 4 Lights is how I go. It’s pretty awesome. You can go all regular. You can go all lights. You can go all regulars with 2 supers. Anything you want, you can have!
  2. You can cancel at anytime. You can have them shipped to you monthly or every two months. 
  3. The customer service is incredible here, you will be taken care of, ALWAYS. 
  4. Comfort. These are great tampons. They’re comfortable and work like they should. LOLA tampons are 100% natural cotton with BPA-free plastic applicators. They're breathable, comfortable, adaptable, and soft. LOLA tampons offer superior leak protection, without the additives.
  5.  Saves you a trip to the store/or target so you don’t overspend! hahaha we know how much that can help! + Shipping is always FREE.
  6.  Best of all?  LOLA is a female founded startup in the feminine care space. win win win win. 
  7. This is an awesome gift to give someone who you really love!!

Read more about it here + click below for get 2 months of LOLA for $9:

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