fall in north carolina


I spent most of my life in California (age 7-25) & never experienced fall until today. I'm speechless. Fall is so beautiful here in the east coast. My uber ride from NYC to NJ was beautiful, I sat there with my mouth open counting my lucky stars for that moment. Trees were changing colors, it was like a painting & I got to see nature in its glory. Now I understand why so many girls are obsessed with pumpkins, leggings, and uggs. I get it! I FUCKING GET IT. I would be dressed from head to toe in J Crew & Burberry too.

producing a food show has its perks! we got to film the salt & smoke festival by acme food & beverage co & it was the most beautiful thing I have ever got to experience. we were on a farm. I took so many photos!! I am so excited to share them with you. 

BBQ, oysters, clams, live music, the most beautiful setting.... this place was magical. I want to bring everyone I love here. I want to have date night here!!!! I'm about to FaceBook a Bay to NC trip very soon.

This is on top of my things to do if you're ever in North Carolina! Next year they're taking the festival to Brooklyn & Maine!!! Holy shit you better book your tickets. 

The festival is well organized. Food was always replenished! There was so much to go around. 

#1) Live bluegrass music. I think they were twin brothers. I was hard-core starring and had to eventually walk away.

#2) Building the pit to roast marshmallows + keeping everyone warm

#3) unlimited oysters. raw + cooked. it was insane. AYCE bruhhhhh

#4) same with the clams. AYCE and the buckets were always being refilled. It was never ending,the entire event

#5) this is olive. she stole the show. ale & olive both stole the show. cutest moment I got to capture tonight

#6) me just happy I got to be here. underdressed as usual. lol. I swear every single girl was wearing leggings and looked like they walked out of a J.Crew catalog. Everyone was in their sunday's best. it was beautiful! 

#7) chef kevin c & the crew at ACME killed it. the best food everrrrrrr. collard greens, cornbread, pulled pork, best sweet potato, rice & beans, coleslaw, fall cocktails (fig leaf + some sparkling wine)

#8) tim's wife pulled of the birthday celebration of the century. all of his friends from all over made it out to the Salt & Smoke Festival. I caught a photo of her crying. She's been planning this since April. It's now Nov. Chef. Kevin Callaghan is there popping' a bottle of bubbly with the crew. it was such a beautiful celebration. they shared that moment with us on camera for 3hungryguys.

#9) I got to roast marshmallows over a real fire. IDK marshmallows are my favorite thing ever and this alone made my day.

next year I'll be at the Brooklyn Salt & Smoke. 

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will I see you there?