NYC Diary iPhone Snaps Part 1

Ask. Believe. Receive.

I truly believe that the universe is always listening and you should seek anything your heart desires. Big or small. Throw it out there & it always returns. 

I told myself I would visit my best-friend/college room mate Caitlin in NYC after I wrapped my project in North Carolina (because we promised we would visit each other after college & she’s visited me TWICE in Los Angeles—this is 3 years in the making) ….but then I decided to do an ASIA trip this year so had to put NYC on hold. Somehow someway my North Carolina gig got me to NYC!!

ASIA, New Orleans, NYC — I am one lucky lady. I’m telling you I dream about this stuff and send it lots of love and it comes back. 

Anyways…here is a photo dairy from my 1.5 day in New York City.

#1) Personal Space. SMFH, some people just aren’t considerate. Stay in your own lane bruhhh. Like this space wasn’t small enough he had to try and be all up in my leg room.

#2) LOL, NYPD just reminds me of Law & Order SVU so I had to take a photo for my inner fan girl. PLUS, Mariska Hargitay was at the game. DREAMS COMING TRUE. #OliviaBenson

#3) New York City is so beautiful. I wrote 3 video treatments on my phone taking the train into the city from the bronx. Also, the sephora on 5th Ave is a dream come true.

#4) MoMA. I love museums & try to visit one every city I’m in. Ray Lichtensteen pieces are so dope & painted all over the walls in Los Angeles. Seeing his art at MoMa was dope.

#5) Milk Bar. cereal milk ice cream lives up to the hype (well if you like milk flavored stuff…like candy, etc) … at first I was hating on the price & size but you can’t even finish an entire one by yourself so share this with someone you like :)

#6) Streets in SoHo

#7) New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys. This was my first NFL game! Also I made the rookie mistake of drinking too many Bud Light Lime Raz-Ber-Rita. There’s so tasty, get you wasted then you’re hung over asf by dinner and feel like death. Don’t get faded off this stuff….not worth it. I saw cowboy fans get escorted by security out of the stadium. lol. I’ll leave it at that.

#8) Morning coffee at Darling Coffee. Another rookie mistake. Wearing a dress in the city. It was really cold but I hate pants & plus I was lazy… walking back to change was not an option. 


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