Virginia Beach iPhone Snaps

Virginia Beach was never on my list of places to visit. Not because it’s not a dope destination. I just don't know much about it. Living on the west coast Miami was on top of my list if we’re taking about beach towns on the east coast. A work trip recently brought me to Virginia Beach & here are some photos!

Fall in the east coast is my new favorite thing. The drive from North Carolina to Virginia Beach was so beautiful. I took so many “sunset” pictures. 

I’ve never seen cotton in real life let alone a cotton field in Virginia! Since my jeans were ripped my knees were cut from jumping into the field for this photo. Insane. We saw so many fields on our drive and had to stop.

Stopped along the way to find a huge pumpkin for Ann. We got her one that was 128 pounds. This is bacon BTW. #dreamscomingtrue

Room with a view. Right on the water. Went to bed hearing the waves crash & woke up to this. I took a million selfies and also enjoyed my morning coffee on the baloney counting all of my blessings. Such a dope way to start your day.

Bad coffee, nice view. Can’t win them all.


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