Thailand 11/21/2015 8:18am

this photo was taken at the royal palace in bangkok, thailand

I’m currently sitting on a bus driving from Pattaya to Bangkok in Thailand while Right My Wrongs by Bryson Tiller plays. What a fucking moment. I’ve made it a tradition for myself to go see the world once a year. To get out of the city and go. Once a year for the soul. Last year I wrote ASIA 2015 in my dream notebook (a notebook where I write all the things I want. big or small. destinations. goals. ideas. anything I want to come true) dated Nov 2014 and kissed the dream bye this year…due to my schedule, work, and lack of work I didn’t think ASIA was going to pop off. Then my room mate’s mom came through and made this trip happen for me! She came up on some really cheap flights and I couldn’t pass it up. The universe is always listening and on your side. You have to jump. Leap. Grow. Go. Explore. Fuck the fear that’s holding you back. 

So yea I wished, put the dream on hold, it appeared again and I couldn’t give up on it the 2nd time around. Nothing and no one was going to stop me from doing what I want. I saved, saved, saved, and here I am. IN THAILAND! 

Holiday has been such an adventure. So many flights, hotels, tours, me trying to convert currency without trying to get ripped off, and 6am wake up calls everyday. It’s crazy I feel like I’ve been 20 different people this year. So many huge things happened in my life these past couple of months. So many losses I had to learn to accept. I’m still picking up the pieces but moving on is getting easier and easier by day. 

I learned a lot of important life lessons this year & had to learn everything the hard way. Always took the longer way around. Always got burned/ thrown under the bus/ lied to/played/ insert tragic event here but coming out a fucking champ.  

What doesn’t kill you truly does make you stronger. You work smarter, create better and love harder. 

Nothing is more satisfying than becoming more and more confident in your character. I’m so fucking proud of the person I am and with age/experience/so many bumps in the road you come out better and stronger and more clear of the life you want to create for yourself. 

Everything is a lesson & it shapes you and changes you like crazy. I’ve grown so much this year than my 2.5 years in L.A. Also, this was my toughest year. The most changes. My world was literary flipped upside down, inside out, stripped down, rebuilt. Went through so many moments of fear. Almost wanted to back out from it all. Felt defeat like it was my best friend this fucking year. 

Then there was a moment where I had to decide to either let this tragic ass year define who I am as a person or take what I can from it and rise from the fucking fire. I wasn’t going to spend another day all up in my feelings and did some things to change it. I guess this is where this post is going that no matter what you’re through you can change it and rise from the fire. lol I really like typing that…”ey rise from the fire homie!”. life is hard but it’s what you make it! 

if I didn’t make a choice to rise from the fire (here I go again) I’d still be in my Los Angeles apartment sad instead of being in thailand seeing it in all its glory.

kisses from the other side of the world




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