NOLA iPhone snaps // part 1: chargrilled oysters

when I was mapping out my food tour plans in NOLA photos of these chargrilled/charbroiled kept popping up. visually they’re not that pretty to look at especially if you’ve never heard of chargrilled oysters before. but I’m a huge fan of oysters & love trying new + different foods so these made it to the long list. 

chargrilled oysters in NOLA is a must.

chargrilled oysters are oysters on half shell that are filled with lemon, garlic, butter & topped with cheese and chargrilled until the cheese has melted making the top layer light and crispy.  

After this ACME stop we instantly got addicted to the concept & wanted to try chargrilled oysters everywhere in New Orleans. It became an obsession. It became our new mission. It was the first thing we ordered at almost every place.

here are three spots we liked in new orleans for chargrilled oysters.

#1 ACME Oyster House had the best. The top layer of parmesan was crispy and light. The oyster + butter layer on the bottom was sweet and beautiful. The buttery leftover sauce you dip your french bread with was heaven as well, I didn't mind the dirty oyster shells were touching it at all. The bread was soft. The flavors were just perfect. Straight THUG HUG.

#2 Drago’s Seafood. The location was a little difficult to find/get to. It was apart of a hotel, a restaurant within a hotel lobby. The oysters here were charbroiled inside of chargrilled but it was too salty & missing the sweet element from the oysters in my opinion. Still really tasty but not as sweet + perfect like ACME. Drago’s is pretty famous and it’s a 50/50 comparison with ACME. 

#3 Royal House. The raw oysters here were great! The chargrilled oysters fell short compared to ACME. I would come back for drinks + raw oysters here

ACME was so good that we went there before our flight home. It was that serious. Have you ever missed something while you still had them/it? That’s how I felt. 

If you’re ever in NOLA I highly suggest this be your first bite fresh off the plane. check into your hotel. toss your bags and get over to ACME as soon as you can because there’s always a line!

What are some of your favorite places for chargrilled oysters in NOLA?