checking in

hello from the other side of the world. this photo was taken over the atlantic. how insanely beautiful is the sky/this moment? I'm trying my best to fight off the jet lag and blog + enjoy these moments as I go. It's been a real struggle. Sorry if you don't hear from me. Vietnam is such a bitch to travel to. it's the longest trek. about 18 hours from LAX.

it's tuesday 10pm from Vietnam. I couldn't really update while I was in China because everything is basically blocked over there. 

LAX->CHINA 16 hrs. then an overnight stay. 6am airport shuttle. 9am flight. 10:45am arrival.

we missed our connecting flight & had to spend a night in China (perks of always flying cheap). got to Vietnam this morning (1.5 hour flight) & leaving for Thailand tomorrow. it's been nonstop. I'm not complaining, I'm just campaigning.

if you guys aren't already following me on username is @thuprah. that's where I'll be updating the most. 

tell me all the places I should hit up in Saigon, Thailand, Nha Trang.

talk soon.


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