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My bag is always at least 40% products, 35% clothes, and 25% shoes. I love clothes but I normally rotate between the same outfits when I travel and I prefer to be “lazy” comfy over looking chic with blisters. How do those blogger girls trek around in heels?  Most of their travel outfits are cute AF but not realistic. Have you guys ever traveled and spent the entire day walking?  You get into that European sneaker casual look but that’s about it.


So why do I bring so many products when I can just buy things along the way? Well most of them I can’t live without ( I mean nothing comes close) and the other half is a time for me to really test something from start to finish - 360.  It’s my favorite time to really get to know a product or brand. It’s where I discover my love for beauty all over again.


So here’s my starting lineup, they’ve been keeping me fleeky these past couple of months. Flights after flights, places after places. Little to no sleep, terrible diet included.


From L to R, top to bottom.


Strawberries: we’re spoiled in Los Angeles with all the juice/smoothie bars. There are so many options. I find it hard on the road to find healthy options (especially in middle America). Sometimes I just want a green/juice and smoothie and there’s none available. No offense to Smoothie King but I prefer Nature Well’s Coconut Kale any day #OPTIONS . So you gotta find ways to make it work when you have no options. Eat your super foods (strawberry isn’t a super food but you know what I mean)


1) Dr.Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peels

I’ve blogged about this stuff before. It’s pricey AF. But you know what, it works like magic…. every single time. Never has it let my complexion down. This stuff is so good I will happily always replenish my stock. Instead of getting me a birthday card and gift please just get me some drg ab peels. Why is it important to use a peel while traveling?

Airplanes are really bad for your skin because it dries it out. The air on your flight is recycled. I wonder if it’s better than the air in Los Angeles? Maybe your neighbor has cooties. Your eating habits change with travel and your sleep is affected. All these factors add in to the health of your skin.

No matter the weather condition (Dry to humidity, etc) or life conditions this 2 step peel will keep your skin on track and that’s what you need when you’re traveling. A skin regimen that will help with all the crazy changes. Because it exfoliates and treats I feel like I can be anywhere and get the help I need.


2) Kerasrase: Nectar Thermique

Who actually really likes those heat protectant sprays that leave your hair all crunchy? I hope you’re getting paid to write that because if you truly believe that stuff is great you have really bad taste and I’m not reading your blog anymore. Kidding. Not really. But I am open to discuss….the floor is yours!!!

Ok so back to this balm.

1)   it’s a smooth rich balm that just disappears into your hair. IT JUST DISSAPEARS!!!! I love that it doesn’t weigh your hair down when it dries. Oh I should mention, this works best when your hair is damp. Not gunna lie, sometimes I forget and just apply it 15 minutes before I curl my like a charm

2)   the smell is high end hair care (think Sachajuan, oribe, amika) almost a scent over just a product with a smell to it. Something I like about higher end products. Personal fragrance almost?!

3)   it’s one of the best heat protectors I’ve used in a long time. I style my hair all the time and this product has made such a difference since I’ve got my hair lightened! Before my travels my hair was really dry and brittle (before this current color). It’s still a little dry but that’s because it’s blenched, but its still touchable and softer than before I got my hair colored!


3) Marula  Pure Marula Facial Oil

I’ve tested this product twice. I used an entire bottle when I was battling my adult acne last year and recently brought my 2nd bottle with me on my trips to Jamaica, Miami, San Jose, and North Carolina.

Let’s just say I wasn’t the healthiest during my travels, flights, nasty airplane meals & NEVER ONCE DID I BREAK OUT. My skin is not sensitive but if you would give me your dirty pillow at a sleep over I could possibly break out by morning. Just depends.

What I’m saying is that this oil is pure magic. PURE CLEAR SKIN MAGIC.

Top 3 things to travel with. Wouldn’t travel without this oil.


4) La Roche-Posay Anthelios SX Daily Moisturizer SPF 15

It’s important to wear sunscreen everyday. Don’t make me repeat myself because I know you’re tired of hearing that also. Check out this video, this guy travels everyday for a year and took a selfie each day. All I could think about is the skin damage he has. Not in a mean bully way. But in a WOW sunscreen daily could make a huge difference don’t be lazy and have unhealthy skin because you made a choice.

Beauty starts with your self love. Take good care of yourself!

This moisturizer is so lightweight and beautiful. My skin is always glowing and I don’t get weird dry patches (sometimes when I’m stressed my skin goes ape shit, but it’s been calm)


5) GiGi Sensitive Hair Removal Cream For Hair

Think of this as a safe higher end nair for your face. Smells disgusting but gets the job one without burning your face/skin. Sometimes I’m lazy and will use this for my unibrow & little mustache at the same time! Leave it on for 3 minutes and wipe away all the unwanted hair!

It’s really hard to find a waxer on the road so DIY is best. I don’t want to come back looking like Chewbacca. You gotta maintain GURRRRRL.


6) Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair

GOD I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS BRAND. Currently using their silver(purple) shampoo & conditioner for my balayage color & had to get this as a regular mask/treatment. The beauty about this product is that you sleep it in. Then you wake up with two options: wash it out or wear it. I choose to wear it duhhhhh.

Although it’s a mask I sometimes use it like I am using hair oil. It smells like heaven and leaves my hair fresh out of the salon soft. It’s crazy dope how it resurrects my hair back to life after every use.

The bottle is beautiful and it’s glass. I risk my luggage weighing extra & it’s SO WORTH it to travel with.


7) California baby summer blend broad spectrum spf 30

For your body + face! You know if this is safe for babies it’s that good good. Because I wear sandals year round I always make sure my feet is protected and hands!

Getting older I’ve noticed the elasticity in my skin and wearing sunscreen everyday really helps with it!


Just a few items I am loving right now!! What are some of your travel must haves?



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