my love for MARULA

I will not travel without this Facial Oil by Marula (it's called Pure Facial Oil). No matter the condition (weather, diet, environment, long flights etc etc) my skin has not had a breakout. I've been flying back and forth for the last 5 months so I've really tested this out. 

I have two things every skin care product must pass: while traveling & while being on your period (sorry there's no way of stating this without it being what is it. period period period period it happens every month and its ok)

That's when you know how wonderful a product works, when you're beautiful during your period & don't look crazy coming back from 5 months of traveling.

My skin is oily and I had acne from 18 - 23 so I know what's its like to struggle with your skin. I know what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your own skin. 

If you're struggling with you skin and have not tried treating with an oil I highly recommend you researching oils and seeing which one is great for your skin. 

At first, I was very hesitant when it came to applying oils to my already extremely oily skin. Now I don't go to bed without drenching my face in oils and eye cream.

Why is Pure Marula Facial Oil my choice over everything else on the market? It's a one stop power house that covers the grounds for all your issues. It helps with healing my skin while protecting it from environmental damage, helps with keeping my skin plump and wrinkle free and most importantly, keeping it happy and clear and GLOWING.

It's a must on my travel list and a must in everyday skincare. YOU GOTTA TRY IT TO SEE ITS MAGIC.

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Do you guys incorportate any oils into your skin care regimen?!

Let me know