barcelona oct 2014 // ciudad condal

sorry this only took me any entire year to post. I've been hoarding content for the longest time

-___- & I just went through the creative process of organizing my photos as I go (vs. them just living on my macbook) + the beauty of a hard-drive (I only got one recently because my poor macbook couldn't store any more files)

also, these editing skills were also one year ago so I hope you enjoy ;)

everything in Spain is "tapas" style. meaning small plates. meaning you can try a bunch of dishes for cheap. well, sort of. when we traveled to Spain last year the dollar was weak. very weak. but that didn't stop us from eating our way through our travels.

ciudad condal was high on the list of places to try. I remember us staying in the business district of Spain & walking all the way to ciudad condal because I forgot to change my google maps setting from drive to walk, lol! 

the line was long, the placed jammed pack & dinner service starting pretty late (around 9/10pm) we were hungry and ready for our first real food experience in Barcelona. 

Of course we ordered more than we could eat! Here are the highlights:

#1) exterior 

#2) was toooooooo hungry to wait for everything for ONE photo. (bad blogger) so this was a mid meal partial shot. 

#3) shishito peppers , this was my 1st time every having this! we saw it on every single table there & of course I had to get it! having these peppers are fun! it's like playing pepper roulette you never know when you'll have a spicy one! 

#4) gambas a la plancha // I still dream about the shrimp I had in Spain.. I swear it's nothing but olive oil & garlic but it's so damn tasty ... reminds me of S.J crawfish/Boiling Crab but lighter and more special. 

#5) fried camembert lollipop with raspberry // ok, honestly YELP sometimes LIES. That's why if you use Yelp you gotta be a better researcher. I always read 2 good ones + 2 bad ones and get a feel for something realistic in the middle. I was expecting a lot from this dish because people from California were saying they would fly to Barcelona and get this ONLY. actually people from all over were crying over this dish. it's tasty, and good but I wouldn't fly 19 hrs tbh. maybe I didn't know it was cheese rolled in peanuts. I think I was expecting something more complex, lol. 

#6) close up // a little disappointed. 

Favorite place in Barcelona?