zombies + paint-ball + zip-lining day at xtreme kombat

I recently got to attend Halloween Zombie Night at Xtreme Kombat Paintball & already want to go again! 

First, you get to go to a shooting gallery and practice your skills with two zombies. Then they load you up in these army trucks with a sergeant that screams in your face (kind of cool, almost like those Muray days -- "HE IS NOT THE FATHER") & you get to ride around the park and shoot paint-ball at zombies!!! After that you can go zip-lining!!! 

So much fun!!! I miss all my friends back home & wish they were out here for this event. If any of you guys are in the NC area (Durham) check out xtreme kombat!!!


  • Xtreme Kombat Paintball

  • 7460 Wake Forest Rd
    DurhamNC 27703

  • (919) 596-6100

  • xtremekombat.com