banh cuon with MrICantMakeUpMyMind + mini photo dairy

the ratchet outsdoorman, young ratch, vernon, V-Eazy, that ratchet (idk I can't keep up with his different personalities at this point) took us out for banh cuon (Tay Ho on Senter Road) on our last day in san jose. in exchange, I took him for his first mint mojito iced coffee experience at Philz. win win both sides.

here's a little photo dairy:

#1) huge pitcher of a fish sauce mix for the banh cuon. looks like punch. poor it for your non ethnic friend :) kidding

#2) we ordered so much food (what's new) 

#3) idk how he NEVER had philz. I made sure before I left back to LA that this was going to change. safe to say he loves it!

#4) vivian and I did a mini road trip & on our way back to LA (from san jose if you're wondering) we made EVERY.SINGLE.STOP. lol sonics, fruit stands, coffee, lottery tickets, garlic, places to take photos-- you name it, we stopped. I love strawberries.  I could eat my weight in strawberries. These were $1 each. so good.

#5) if you've ever drove through gilroy you know you can smell garlic in the air. I never had garlic in gilroy (prob have but don't know for sure) so I made sure while there I bought gilroy garlic. lol?! #bucketlist

#6 happy camper

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Tay Ho