north carolina museum of art: NCMA

I had one free day in North Carolina and fought off any entire day of hibernation for a trip to the museum by myself. Getting out and exploring while you're in a different place is such a struggle when you're exhausted AF but I made learning lessons a priority in my life and here I am.

Here's a little photo dairy:

#1) craziest wall ever. probably could eat a 5 year old tbh.

#2) The Adoration of the Child

#3) You Should Have Loved ME by Tracey Emin (FAVORITE) 

#4) The Creation 

#5) Concessions and the Cup Holder by Kate Joyce

#6) it's really important to give back especially when admission is FREE 

NCMA blew me away & there was still an outside exhibit I totally missed! There was also a teen exhibit focussing on inspiration from their NCMA trip which I thought was really dope. I went to public schools my entire life and most of the time they were trying to get us to pass with the bare minimum so the arts were never really pushed. Learning through different channels is really important and I think seeing art and exploring your creativity ignites something in you. 

I use to think museum art was the most boring but now with all the new artist coming into the scene it's a real treat! Such an inspiration! 

Check out NCMA! 


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