lazy Sundays

What a hell of a week! I've been super lazy this past week with taking my makeup off. The exhaustion trumps the raccoon eyes/makeup stains on my pillow cases. Normally my OCD will not allow dirt/ratchetness into the bed but sometimes going to bed with makeup wins!!


raccoon eyes leads to puffy tired eyes...and bags, dark circles...


yea...that's how I feel when I wake up lookin tired as hell ^ & having more people tell me somethin' I don't know ( look tired...late night?)

So I'm loving Egyptian Magic more than ever...


It's a 837836736 in one use. If you don't here


1) Natural makeup remover 

yes, nasty oil chemical ...just grab a little and let it sit on your eye for 30 seconds and wipe away

2) It doubles as an eye cream so when you're don't have to wash off :)

easy but effective! lazygirlglam style

You're Welcome!

I love Sundays