Keep your man sexy af this Valentines under $70

ok, ok. So you got your wax appointment down and been hitting the gym.  Possibly perfected some YouTube twerk/ass shaking routine to spice things up and get a laugh or two in there but need to know what products that will keep your man sexy this Valentines and beyond?

Check it-

1) Upgrade his toothpaste: $6

Marvis - Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste


I don't mess around or take shortcuts when it comes to my smile! That's why this toothpaste is my #1 thing you should get your man A$AP. 

very "next level" for his oral hygiene game

Luxury doesn't have to burn a hole in your pockets. This one by Marvis is a cult favorite. Keeps your breath fresh to death and teeth sparkling white. Plus, brushing is now a treat! This toothpaste is made in Italy. Comes in two sizes. So test out the smaller one ($6 for 1.3 oz vs $10.50 for 3.8oz) and see if he likes it :)

2) Hair Wax/Paste/Styling Option: $14

Jonathan Product - Dirt Texturizing Paste


Yea, hopefully your boyfriend doesn't have crunchy spiky hair still. If he does, please go toss that shit and plead the 5th when he questions you. Instead, upgrade his hair game by getting him a paste. It's like gel, but better..for the sexier. I recently got this for a friend and here are some quotes from him

+ (Background: A little boy was checking him out at Costco) "I was just about to go on my break and the mom came up to me as they finished checking out and was saying that her son was too shy to ask what haircut I get and what I use to style my hair hahah"

"This stuff smells great"

"You win for the hair paste cause it doesn't get sticky on my hands, it takes very little to use on my hair so I can make this last a while, and this shit smells so good can still smell it"

"Thanks boo now you gotta find me a new deodorant and body wash lol"

I'd show you a handsome B&A but he'd kill me. There's two sizes to this also: 1.7 oz for $14 and 3.35 oz for $26. Your boo will be lookin 100 in no time with this hair wax/paste/etc.

3. Killer hand cream: $12

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream


No one wants dry, cracked, old looking hands. Guys are very into their hands believe or not. This hand cream from L'Occitane is non greasy, quick absorbing, and also helps with aging hands(huge plus). 

4. A Kick-Ass Face Oil: $55/$70

Apivita - Wine Elixir Anti-Wrinkle and Restoring Face Oil


Darphin - Organic Tangerine Aromatic Care



Let's face it. Our men are aging...some better than others. Some get better with age... let's prolong that and keep them sexy as long as we can here! 

Why a face oil? - It's a potent way to get the job done. It protects, heals, and solves the issues all in one. It may take a while for him to get used to using an oil before bed, but the results will shock him, plus staying sexy is a huge motivator. 

Both of these oils are good for hydrating and anti aging. The Darphin one is organic and will help if his complexion is oily. 


GlamGlow- SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment


lol. yup. fake a night time spa session with him and throw this on his face. I'm pretty sure your man is not getting regular facials where he is getting microdermabrasion and extractions. therefore, his face is probably disgusting with congested pores and black heads. I know, I know, this is not his fault. But you have a responsibility of helping him in this department!! 

This mask will suck all the nasty out and help his skin stay nice and clear. You can't make him do this alone, it won't work. Maybe buy this for yourself? This mask is pretty kick ass. I actually wouldn't waste it on my boyfriend(if he exist,lol) ...yea no way.. he wouldn't appreciate this as much and I would benefit more. So bring this over and make sure he gets a weekly treatment. 

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and there you have it... a list of adorable products to help your bf stay handsome/sexy af this Valentines. 

Stay safe, be smart and get your sex kitten on ladies!!!!