Can't get enough: dr.dennis gross alpha beta peels


You've seen the Grammy's. Nothing but glowing, dewy, bronzy skin.

Let's talk current obessions. Kind of like the first time the boy you like holds your hands. And you can't breathe...kind of... YOU CAN'T GET ENOUGH. Totally PG but you get my obsession. Its innocent but quickly growing into something else...something dangerous?

Let's back up on this love affair. I'll tell you how we've met.

So the word "peel" or "at home peel" always freaked me out. I don't want my skin coming off on purpose?  The thought of the skin on my face burning and then peeling off is not a fun one. 

Then dr.dennis gross alpha beta peels lands on my desk one day (I leave it there for a good month, btw) and every time someone walked by they would express how obsessed they were. So being a curious lucky thang, I googled the peel and read ALL THE REVIEWS. 


Let's just fear of the word "peel" was irrevelant at this point. I quickly washed my face and was doing little circular motions with step 1, waited two minutes and followed through with step 2, went to bed...and woke up looking like a goodness. (I know I overly love myself, but this peel gave my skin the glow it was being thirsty for!!) 

so, the point of this blog? peels aren't so bad. this one is a mild peel used to help exfoliate nasty gross skin, revealing new glowing skin. I have a few acne scars I want to see fade. (will keep you posted on this)

the price tag is heavy, I know. 

ghetto girl tip: cut your pads in half so instead of a 30 day supply, you'll get 60 :)

this is gentle enough to use daily but I use this about 3x4 times a week depending on the mood of my skin. I do masks, exfoliate regulary, and moisture like a queen each day..but my skin needed a BOOST. and this peel did that! 

this love affair has turned into an obsession. I'm putting this peel on every single wish list because I want a lifetime supply of this stuff.

2014 is the year of great skin, babes. 

This peel + La Roche Posay's Thermal Water = radiant skin during the winter months.