Best Hair & Makeup: Grammys 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 8.51.22 PM.png

1) Paris Hilton by Etienne Ortega

Let's not get started on her getting' signed to Cash Money . I can't. Can we please talk about this amazing hair and makeup by Etienne Ortega though? The glow is undeniable. Bronze perfection with a seductive lip. I am OBSESSED. It's clean, it's modern, it screams sex kitten.


2) Rite Ora

The side part, curls & shine has got me lustin' for lighter hair. OMG- can we please talk about the gorgeous purple eye with pink lips? Reminds me of Urban Decay.. this is their signature look. Of course more glitter & oil slick on the crease. 


3) Chrissy Teigen

Ok, obviously there's a reoccurring theme: GOLD, bronzy, glowing skin. Luscious nude lips & gorgeous curls.

I love her pink on pink nude play here. It doesn't wash her skin out and the light brown eye holds everything together. 


Adding illuminator to everything from now on.





photos courtesy of: etienne ortega's instagram,,, getty