Lets Talk: Winter Skin

Let's face it... the holidays, traveling, birthday celebrations, lack of sleep because you were out doing unspeakable things ,and all the booze from New Years really took a toll on your skin. 

Well, don't worry bb. That's why I'm here. Let's whip your skincare game back into tip top shape so you can go on with your bad self.  

1) Exfoliate: I'm oily and acne prone, so it's key to get rid of the nasties and fight acne.  


2) A kick ass SERUM: Ok in my good skin days I would get away with a drug store moisturizer and I'd look flawless. At 24...  I look like death if I stay out past my bedtime. My skin just needs WAY more help. 


2011 Thu: What the hell is a serum? Is it a moisturizer? Why the hell do I have to use another product.

2014 Thu: A serum is a potent dose of skin care goodness that everyone needs. (VITAL TO RADIANT SKIN)

Apply your serum after you tone...let it sit on your skin... soak in all the vitamins. My current fave  is When Hope Is Not Enough. It combats aging(never too early) but most importantly --glowing skin is the result of this serum.


3) Moisturize like a boss: Radiant skin = hydrated skin. I use to think that because my skin was so oily I didn't need to moisturize. And if I did- it would make it worst.. me being more oily. 

UGH. I was such a dummy...abusing my skin :(

Eminence Rosehip Whip Moisturizer is what Im using currently. Natural, effective. 

4) AN OIL!!!!!! I dont care what season it is. I am not going to bed without my Darphin oil. I thank this oil for getting rid of my adult acne. NO JOKE. 


BOOM> These four items kept my skin pimple free during the crazy holiday season. Work was crazy, home was crazier. My skin was the only promising thing :)

Hope you babes had an unforgettable New Years!!






photos courtesy of dermstore.com