See you never, Adult Acne

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So, I've literally tried every single product on the market...spending $$ on useless doctor visits, going to the dermatologist, going to see estheticians to get extractions...I think I even prayed at one point because nothing really worked.Anyways... I've been there. I get it. It blows. There's no hope. 

Well...thankfully you have me & I have Daphin!!! Up until this point (I have 383736733 acne products that are pretty kick ass, but this is the holy grail...this is the only thing I want to use for the rest of my life *THAT SERIOUS). Other products would help with the oil, but the blemishes still came...or the acne would go away but my skin was dry.

This oil is so tiny... but it's worth every PENNY. 

Not only did it get rid of my acne, but it healed my skin. Oil production is controlled, and my face feels like butter every single morning! Use this as a night cream/moisturizer/treatment. 

There is a method though.... 

Since it's also aromatic care it calms down you on the inside as well as the outside. Pat and press this into your skin instead of rubbing. Don't forget your neck area. A little goes a long way. Using more will not get rid of your acne any faster, you're just wasting an i

ncredible resource & $$ in your bank account.

Nothing really cured the little white bumps but this oil. No thrills, no frills, no 3 step system of wash, tone, and moisturize. This is straight up ACNE CURE IN A BOTTLE. Make sure your skin is cleaned...and let this miracle oil do its magic on your troubled skin. I had different people ask me what I've been using because my skin is getting better and better...and here's your answer folks: Darphin Organic Niaouli Aromcatic Care.

If this was out 3-4 years ago my dad would have bought them by the case and saved my face sooner than later.

Try it. You have nothing to lose. 

If you like it & it cured your acne can you send me one as a thank-you?

Cheers to being beautiful inside & out


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