Babe Alert: Josephine F.

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Josephine is a killer makeup artist I recently met. We both were obsessing over It Cosmetics on Instagram.  She was also just at NYFW, yes that's her with fashion designer Raul Penaranda. Go read her blog for all the deets!


Twitter: Josephine Fusco (MakeupByJo) on Twitter





Ok, so here we goooooo.

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+Tell us about yourself

I am a certified makeup artist and skincare expert with over 10 years of experience.  I love making women feel beautiful.  The transformation process is just so amazing to me.  It's wonderful what a little makeup can do when applied the right way.  I worked with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon for many years which I learned so much from and with that I am able to help my clients not only cosmetically but aesthetically.

+ What’s your signature look

My signature look is clean but glamorous!  I enhance the beauty of my clients while leaving them with a timeless makeup application.  I emphasize their eyes - which to me is so important because they truly make a statement while leaving their face flawless!

+ If you woke up late, what’s your quick fix-it routine?

My quick fix it routine is all about the 5 minute face.  Which I discuss with a lot of my clients that do not have the time in the morning. 

1).  Conceal under my eyes. 

2).  Eyes:  I take my MAC lustre drops and apply them to my entire eye lid, a quick line of teddy eyeliner by mac, a few coats of mascara.  (Mascara - right now Im loving Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black - I know my beauty on a budget clients will love that)

3).  Face:  1 pump of my CC Cream from It Cosmetics all over my face.

4).  Cheeks:  Light dusting of Nars Orgasm on the apples of my cheeks up to the center of the ear.

5).  Lips:  Quick coat of Giellas Lip Glam or Macs Nymphette as I am walking out the door.

There you have it 5 steps in 5 minutes for a quick fix it!

+ Favorite red carpet look, EVER

This is a very tough decision because there are so many lol.  I feel Jennifer Lopez nails it every single time in addition to Taylor Swift. 

I absolutely love the glow that Jennifer Lopez gives us every single time.  Its refreshing, fun, sexy and glamorous wrapped up all in one!

+ Name the first 5 beauty products in your bag right now

1).  Dermablend concealer

2).  MACs lipgloss in nymphette

3).  Chapstick

4).  MAC Studio Fx Powder

5).  Coco Chanel Mademoiselle  


(Images Courtesy of DermStore.Com, Sephora.Com & MacCosmetics.Com) 

+ Natural beauty remedy

Lipton Tea Bags on the face.  Check out paragraph 3 :)

Organic Beauty Vixen Natural Luxe: Using Tea Bags on Your Face for Glamorous Skin

+ Best beauty advice

Take care of your skin. Wear SPF everyday whether it is in your foundation or facial cream and don't forget to reapply when you are out in the sun for long periods of time.  Just because you tan well doesn't mean that your skin isn't suffering and getting sun damage.  Also get on a good skincare regimen.  Cleanse your skin (my go to is Toleriane by LaRoche Posay or Cerave Foaming Face Wash), Treat it with a good facial serum (my go to is is clinical), and Moisturize it with an antiaging cream or daily moisturizer that has spf in it (my go to:  Youth Complex by IS Clinical or Anthelios by LaRoche Posay).  The more you take care of your skin the more you push back the hands of time. 

+ Josephine’s lazygirl tip

Just because a product is publicized doesn't mean that its going to work wonders for you. If you find a product that is great for your skin type or color then stick with it. 

Play with makeup. We all have an inner makeup artist within us.  The worse that will happen is that you have to wash it off.

And I love working with products that give your skin a flawless finish in seconds.The drugstore has so many amazing products that will get your beauty on a budget makeup bag in tip top shape.  xo


Is she not amazing???  I love her advice playing with makeup & not being afraid. If you have any questions, you know where to find her :)



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