California Babe: Gina G


The 4-1-1: 

+ What’s Your Signature Look

My signature look is beachy, effortless, casually chic. (very California).

+ If you woke up late, what’s your quick fix-it routine?

ah, I definitely don't have much time to spend on hair and make-up during work days, but I always manage to MAKE time for quick fix'. (I find more beauty in an effortless look).

I cannot leave my house without a light Multi-tasking Moisturizer for face/under-eyes/lips and follow it with my BB Cream w/ SPF, under-eye concealer, I use a Mulit-tasking Lip and Cheek balm, (the key is choosing a bighter shade for cheeks and lips with a no/eye look, to make your focus on skin and lips) I place a quick dab on apples of cheeks and lips and blend it out. Mascara and out I go! 

+ favorite look on a celebrity right now

My favorite look on a Celebrity has always been Jennifer Lopez (I hate to admitt this) and right now I may not have one absolute favorite but I always LOVE the ever-so- gorgeous Victoria Secrets Models Make-up. (and that sexy hair).

+ Name The First 5 Beauty Products In Your Bag Right Now:

Infinity Cream by Josie Maran (its a multitasker for lips/eyes/cuticles and even frizzy hair!)

boscia oil blotting sheets

Multi-tasking cheek/lip balm in "Pink" shade (a perfect brighter shade of pink for that skin loosing the summer glow) by Josie Maran

Tarte's "eye smudging" jumbo pencil for a perfect soft smokey eye look in "bronze".

"Kai" natural perfume (minus all the yucky chemicals)

+ Natural Beauty Remedy

I mix a couple of drops of Argan Oil with brown sugar, and I add a few drops of essential lavendar or minty aromatherapy oil. Mix all together and use as an exfoliater all over your body (skip the face area) right before you jump in the shower. This will leave your body smoother, nourished, and hydrated. 

+ Best Beauty Advice

Less is best! Less time, less make-up wear, less products to own and most importantly less chemicals (choose natural). Choose your favorite feature and enhance it in a subtle manner. Let your inner beauty shine thru, don't mask it,  sometimes too much is TOO MUCH! be effortless, be confident, be YOU.

+ Gina’s laZygirl tip

Wearing a Multi-tasking "natural" beauty products is KEY! Look for products that will offer multiple benefits, its less confusing, less expensive,  less time spent and less yucky chemicals = lesser chances of sensitive reactions (plus its healthier for your body in general). You will see how you will start feeling responsibly better, you will enjoy putting on your beauty products more, and don't forget to smile more-your beautiful! :)

I hope you babes picked up some awesome tips because I'm trying that scrub tonight!


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