new obsession: my bkr *ALL CLEAN EVERYTHING

One thing you can do to achieve the skin of your dreams?


Duh, that’s a no brainer right?

I can’t wrap my head around how I struggle with something so easy & simple.

Current items on my desk: Large ice peach green tea from coffee bean, small ice Americano from Starbucks, red frat solo cup filled with water, and a mug of green tea. I AM NOT KIDDING.

I drink so much coffee/green tea & 1 cup of water AT MOST a day. (*Crying from the realness as I’m typing this post)


**THE ANSWER TO SKIN PROBLEMZ: Drinking more water from my bkr 

( my fave: candy heartbkr) 

“ ALL CLEAN EVERYTHING” *drizzy Drake voice.

What. A. Game. C-H-A-N-G-E-R

bkr will be your new bestie/ the reason why you will achieve the skin of your dreams.

colors from top to bottom: kitten, chip & candy heartbkr (a must have on set!!!!!)

 Think education- you want to pursue the best choice for you…not something mediocre just to say you did it. Right? Same thing here…you want to make sure your water intake is the best..and not filled/linked to nasty cancer/chemicals.

So why is drinking water out of a bkr better for you than anything else out there vs a regular cup/bottled water:

+glass is bomb & does not leach chemicals

+BPA / bisphenol A is a chemical found in plastic water bottles & it’s linked to an increase risk in cancer, obesity etc etc (read more here)

+ tap water is held to more stringent quality standards than bottles water

+ color choice is endless. Elegant- right on trend :)

+ doesn’t leak/ spill free

+ make a statement against a disposable world

+ bkr is a movement to do better ( A portion of proceeds benefit the Obakki and Canary Foundations)

How often do we re-use bottled water that we buy? I am sure as hell just as guilty as you are! It’s convenient, helps me drink more water, and I can carry it with me anywhere.

Now—you need to change the pace & quit with the excuses because bkr designed the most efficient glass bottles on the market. Celebs love this stuff (miley cyrus, Jessica alba, blake lively, Natalie portman—google bkr and you’ll see) There’s a reason why all these beautiful women own a bkr.

Now you should too - not because you’re not equally beautiful & talented but because you deserve it-the absolute best.

Early Christmas gifts anyone????