Let's highlight! 10 ways, 1 Awesome Product!

I love versatile products, so, let’s talk highlighter! Chella Skin Care came out with one that does it all. A highlighter that even conceals redness & blemishes. Holla!!

I’ve been getting some mixed reviews on this product. Some girl friends tell me it’s hard to blend and gets streaky. My 2 cents would be to invest in a really good blending brush and master the technique. Then remember to set it so it doesn’t run & get streaky.

Everyone’s different and it may take some time to perfect but highlighting is AWESOME! Think of Kim K circa 2007 vs now... it's all thanks to perfecting the art of highlighting yall.  She just looks younger, fresher, natural, plain ol' gorgeous.  

But here’s an awesome visual if you’re interested in the many ways you can use Chella’s Highlighter Pencil.

Did I miss anything that you like to do when you highlight??? Let me know! 


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