I love not washing my hair!

Yup! Unless I just came home from Korean BBQ or if I spilled sauce in/on my hair or something I wouldn’t wash my hair on the daily.  


Because KLORANE invented a DRY SHAMPOO WITH NETTLE in it FOR LAZYGIRLS LIKE ME!!!! Holla sista!!!!

Watch the video to see all the great details.

Reasons why Klorane kicks a$s:

+ Formulated without sulfates and gentle for daily use

+ I was in NY last summer in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn and the shower was shared by like 287338373 people and dry shampoo was the secret weapon for the heat/sweat/dirty feel

+ While other dry shampoo mask the smell/funk Klorane absorbs your oils to refresh your hair + scalp

+ Help regulates your sebum production so you can go longer without washing your hair

+ You can still sweat/ be active and not feel guilty because this dry shampoo washes your hair!

+ I recycle my curls for days!! So that blow-out you just got, can be stretched out longer!

+ Envision camping at Coachella… here you go. Thank Klorane later

+ Envision camping anywhere, here you go again

+ Envision all the time you just saved from waiting for your hair to air dry, blow drying your hair, styling it, etc etc

What are your favorite brands of Dry Shampoo????