*crying over my deodorant

My awesome friend Lauren, who is also the creator(along with her sister Lilli) of bohobeauty really inspired me lately to stop & think about the products I am incorporating into my daily routine. 

Ugh, I am a product junkie! I love a good-acne-fighting-anything. Colors, fragrance, tingling sensations... I’m all for it! I got issues I want GONE ok?

Lauren takes the natural route when it comes to beauty/products while I’m more hesitant because sometimes “natural” just s-u-c-k-z/does not work/worthless, wastes my $$ and time etc etc blah blah

*newz flash to myself:  ... it’s 2013 now & “natural/organic” is truly something you I am intrigued over.

I’m coming across more & more brands that are all natural & fucken rock my world. 

Eminence Skin Care, Tarte Cosmetics, Aroma Naturals..just to name a few

So why natural/organic? Well why would you want to eat fake food? I’m talking about GMO or processed foods when you can have locally grown, organic fruits & veggies.

Same goes for products you use e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y: toothpaste, soap, body wash.. DEODORANT!!!! 

Arggggggg... you got me Lauren, YOU GOT ME!!!! 

Deodorant is the first item I want to tackle in educating myself with chemicals/nastyz I’m putting on my body everyday. 

#1 ingredient that is a no no which is in EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE DEODORANT THAT I OWN!!!!!!!!!



If you see this, run for the hills. It’s like seeing an ex boyfriend that sucked... you take a nice glance, maybe smirk a little, hope you smell nice and KEEP.IT.MOVING.

not relevant. not relevant. not relevant  

He’s obviously your ex for a reason and there’s obviously a reason you’re hitting the hills as fast as Oprah’s lottery tickets are declining for her Favorite Things Episode. 

  1. Aluminum is a freakin metal... it’s used in antiperspirants to help block sweat .... this is not natural AT ALL. You need to release that sweat! The smell...well that’s another battle... 
  2. Aluminum has been linked to Breast Cancer & an increased in Alzheimer’s disease
  3. Parabens
  4. This is messin up your natural flow of things by blocking up hormonal balance
  5. Too many nastyz/chemicals I can’t pronounce 

In conclusion... these four items are hitting my trash bin & I AM ON THE HUNT FOR A NATURAL ALTERNATIVE.  

**Actually lemons can be used as a natural deodorant!!! No B.O baby!!! (I've tested this beautiful method, thanks Janice's MOM) But it's not like I'm going to take a lemon out mid road trip, slice it up and then apply it to my pits. Or do this at the gym??? 

Product junkie in me is on the search for a natural alternative...I might reek a little in the process... but here’s to the first chemical I am taking out of my everyday routine!

Thoughts? Comments? Natural deodorant that I should try/test that is strong enough to neutralize my funk??


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