brush the haterz off & put on some color!

There’s something about how a hint of lip color could instantly wake up a tired face.

Feeling blue? Hung over? Shitty morning? Some negative nancy killing your positive vibez?

Girl, throw on some lip color & gloss (optional) and keep. it. moving

Nothing saids : CANT STOP WONT STOP / Let me brush off da haterz like a pretty face with color :)

 So my summer favez : POP Beauty’s Pouty Pop Crayon Kit



Um first you get 6 awesome colors!!!!  (For $25!! You can split this with some girlfriends… for example.. I’m loud and a little cray cray when it comes to colors and my bestie is classier…I’d keep all the colorful colors and give her the rest.  ***yea right…I’d want all 6 ***makeup hoarder alert )

You can buy this pack and spilt them as favors or if you’ve always wanted to try lip colors and didn’t know where to start, this pack would be a great introduction!

Many colors, many occasions!

Love that these twist up, so you don’t need to go out and get a huge pencil sharper!  

I love the texture of these colors…& the many ways you can apply a.k.a different looks with one color

1) I apply then use my finger to pat the color in for a soft pouty look

2) I apply, dust some translucent powder and apply another layer for a BOLD LOOK-long lasting night on the town with many drinks included.

3 ) I apply a shade & then a gloss to wine down the color and add a little sa$s

4) Using a nude shade to give my lips a fuller look without it looking like there’s color on my lips *secretly winning

Colors I love in this collection: Fuchsia Flirt, Coral Crush, Petal Passion & Rose Romance

I have so many shades of Fuchsia/ Hot pink that this one is just a great addition :) 

Coral Crush is my ultimate addiction right now… I always throw on a baby pink gloss over it to tone it down but it gives my face that summer tropical glow with a cat liner.

Petal Passion is pretty much clear… it’s more of a balm in stick form that a does you give a cute pout though.

Rose romance is a soft brown nude… I like pairing this with a copper eye or brown smoky soft but still sa$sy.

 What are some of your summer lip colors?