How To Save Your Broken Makeup,*No mo heartbreak

Nothing ruins a perfect day than pieces of broken bronzer/blush/eye shadow all over your makeup bag.




Ugh. I normally just toss the sucker out because it was more of a pain keeping it and saving it than just getting rid of it. 


Ladies…stop it with the heartbreak and being all mellow dramatic because you can actually remold (and even make a cool design pattern) your broken blush/bronzer/eye shadow –anything powder form.

Things you need:

+ Paper towel for the mess

+ 70% rubbing alcohol

+ Your eyeliner brush or eyebrow brush or anything with a thin handle OR chopsticks from your take-out stash ;) I know you have those in your apt!

+  A makeup wipe

+ A coin

Optional: mini stamps , things to get fancy with

Watch the video for awesome visuals from Blush.Com


If you’re a reader & like directions in word form: 

1)  Using the thinner/other side of your makeup want to crush the rest of your broken makeup. This will help everything become a paste. The more fine your powder becomes- the easier it will mold. So don’t be shy, get some aggression out ;) // Or use the spare chopsticks from your take-out stash for a mixing tool if you don’t want to use your makeup brush.

2)  Add 70% rubbing alcohol into the mix, super cheap at CVS/Target/Walgreens. Hopefully you have one in your medicine cabby. If not, go back to your parents’ house and use theirs. This is so affordable though-this should be a hint that you should go get one to have anyways!

3)  Mix it until it’s almost a liquid paste. It’s easier to mix if you add more rubbing alcohol. (SIDEBAR: * This project is great because you can’t really go wrong & mess up…so if you don’t have enough- add more…if you add too much? Wait for it to dry) // *make sure the area you’re working in is spacious, open windows if possible. Don’t get light headed and dizzy by close contact w it

4)  This step is really messy & can look like a bloody nightmare so don’t freak out if it’s not looking like your favorite gelato. Keep mixing girl!

5)  Let this bad boy sit for 5-10 mins. This kind of depends on the item you’re repairing. I had a tiny blush in this video so my wait time was 5-10. Yours could differ

6)  Making sure it’s like a half jelly kind of firm texture…if it’s still like a liquid..wait some more… but take your makeup wipe…and wrap your coin around it… and mend that sucker out… flatten it.. make sure everything is even. Your moist makeup wipe & the flatness of the coin should really make everything smooth here.

7) Let it sit for another 5-10… re-mend…. (SIDEBAR* You can jazz it up here: I added a stamp design… or you can clean your coin and use it to make a really cool pattern – think Dior and their pretty blushes- press the edges of the coin into it- GET CREATIVE IT’S YOUR BLUSH AFTERALL & ITS GETTING A SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE-HAAAA)


 9)   Now you can clean the edges- it should fall off easily …make it neat and pretty… if the top layer needs a little extra love, swipe your makeup brush over it and everything should be smooth! 

WELL! There you have it ladies, no more heartbreak, no more “shit my bronzer broke and it’s on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try this at home & let me know what you think??




*p.s if you dig the tune in this video check out the rest of the my buddy David's Soundcloud yay for talented UCSD Alumni’s *triton forevz