BEST CORN, EVER *Confessions

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Besides Oprah, beauty/cosmetics, bacon & soup my next obsession would be CORN.  I love corn anything/everything. Corn salad, corn soup, corn on the cob, cornbread, corn cakes, corn candy even!

Some of my fave spots to get corn:

+ The Alley- downtown Los Angeles (That added lime juice is so damn good y’all, extra paprika on top please)

+ Corn on the cob in your bag at Boiling Crab (Best part of my meal)

+ Elote man on Elden Ave + Olympic (I MISS LIVING ON ELDEN FOR THIS REASON ALONE)

+ Café Habana

+ My moms Vietnamese corn recipe // Grilled Corn Green Onion Oil Recipe ('IM CRYING NOW BECAUSE I MISS MY MOM AND HER COOKING SO MUCH RIGHT NOW LIFE IS NOT FAIR) *dramatic tears

Yea, the obsession is deadly & I’m not sorry about it.

Well if you’re in the Los Angeles Area & want to get your hands on some premium corn … here are some options if street corn isn’t your style :)

1) Cha Cha Cha

Elote Con Ajo: Corn Grilled on the Cob and Smothered with Garlic Butter

You get 4 little cobs & it’s perfection. I got the Sangria which is a favorite at Cha Cha Cha but I think Sangria at Bacaro LA is so much better. I want to try the blueberry mojito next time. 4/5

2) Short Order

Grilled corn smothered in avocado sauce. I didn’t like the feta on top. True Elote should be topped with cotija cheese instead( I know, I know…it’s not an elote style dish, whatevz). This corn/dish was a-ok, my coffee malt just outshined this entire meal. Whoops. 2/5

3) Café Habana

The only restaurant that hits a home run with the Elote Style Corn-hands down! Best I’ve Ever Had. 5/5

Where are your favorite spots for elote in Los Angeles?



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