What Dreams Are Made Of: Egyptian Magic

What if I told you that this All Purpose Skin Cream is E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G ?

I am such a weirdo & when I stress out I get this really odd patch of dry skin on my eyes (I’ll take a selfie with it the next time it appears on my face--* PROMISE) .. it’s awful, makeup cannot cover it up- makes it worst and I’m so self-conscious about it. The only thing that ever worked was treating it with Egyptian Magic.

What the hell does “All Purpose Skin Cream” mean???

Everything your skin can ever want in a cream is magically in this jar…..

Let’s break it down:

+ Natural makeup remover

+ Adding on the natural makeup remover it’s also an EYE CREAM! WHAT! Yes ladies…take your stubborn eye makeup off naturally and apply a magnificent eye cream at the same time!!! LAZY GIRLS EVERYWHERE REJOICE! This 2 in 1 alone is a killer

+ Night-time moisturizer (you’ll wake up in the morning with dewy, glowing skin)

+ Split end mender

+ Lip Balm

+ Treat conditions like: eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis

+ Antibacterial (great for burns)

+ Prevent stretch marks

+ Smooth redness

+ Fade scars

+ Heal blemishes  

+ Cuticle conditioner

+ Moisturizer

+ Defrizz your hair

That’s just naming a few… Slight smell to it but it’s nothing too overwhelming (faint honey scent). This cream turns into a light oil so really work it into your palms before you apply. Could feel “greasy” but it’s a heavy, thick moisturizer you can really appreciate… especially if your skin is dry or breaking. Some people love it in the winter & don’t touch it in the summer. I use it year round. My hands are so dried from always washing them so I always keep a jar at my desk.

What are your thoughts on this gift from the glitter gods? Love it? Hate it? Want to try it?

Let me know :)