Amazing Oils For Your Hair

I’m pretty low-key when it comes to my hair- heck, let’s get honest: I’m the laziest! Most of the time I can care less. Recently I chopped 4 inches & got some balayage so all the imperfections are now so visible. How dry my hair is.. how brittle…blah blah blah & now more than ever… I have to make sure my hair is moisturized and well taken care of because it shows.

Answer: OILS!

I love hair oils so much! It’s an instant pick me up for your hair with almost immediate results and most of the time the shine + smell is such a winner you would questioned why it took you so long… so here’s the breakdown & my two current faves:

Amika- Obliphica Oil Treatment

+ Restores hair natural moisture and balance

+ Lightweight formula

+ Add much needed shine

+ Will leave strangers begging for more

This baby smells SOOO DAMN GOOD. Strangers on the street would stop & ask me who I’m wearing…and I would tell them it’s just my hair oil.  Amika makes remembering to treat you hair easier by infusing their oil with such an intoxicating smell. LOVE LOVE LOVE this oil & my hair looks amazing

Sachajuan- Intensive Hair Oil

+ Restore everything you destroyed (hot heat, color, swimming in the ocean, not giving a shit)

+ Lightweight formula improving your strands + manageability

+ Repairs

+ Soft, glossy finish

This is my go-to when I’m in serious trouble and need the ultimate repair. I wear this everyday on my strands (Since I lighten my hair- everything is more noticeable…) or use it as a mask!

Ultimate Repair Mask: I would add a bunch and braid my hair & go to bed. Or add a bunch and sleep in a top knot… either way I want to let it penetrate all of my strands and make sure it works overnight.

Tip: Your hair will be so greasy and gross so do this two days before an event… or just give yourself time to wash this out before you hit the town

Quick & extremely simple … no more excuses for crappy hair ladies!

Xo laZygirlglam