Best Cleanser For Adult Acne

Acne is LAME at any age...thankfully  Vivant made a magical cleanser for the rest of us who still struggles here and there. This is my current obsession!  

This cleanser is a game changer, hands down.

+ light pink color to it (so pretty) 

+ VERY light medicine-y scent - you can hardly notice  

+ exfoliates!!!! Anyone who deals with unwanted blemishes knows that you must exfoliate in order to get rid of all the dead skin + other negative skin concerns. Exfoliating will help remove dirt & give your skin more breathing room.. which leads to clean-clear-skin!

 + It kicks ACNE'S BUTT!!! Contains 3% benzoyl peroxide which aids in killing not only does this cleanser deep clean, but it TREATS ACNE.

I no longer have to wash my face with a cleanser then exfoliate separately, I now could do both in one step AND kick acnes butt? 

laZygirls everywhere can truly appreciate this magical cleanser :) 

win win win win win can't express how thankful I am to come across this product (thanks Beth) 

xo laZygirlglam