Ca Phe Sua Da

Also known as: Vietnamese Iced Coffee ... aka crack in a cup... a delicious, most refreshing treat any coffee lover could appreciate. 


Sidenote: Please DO NOT DRINK lee's/vietnamese iced coffee on a long road trip... unless you're the driver I guess. Bay to LA road trips with lees in hand = us going bat shit cray in the car (shout out to caitlano, i miss you)

So I came across the most amazing combination for THE BEST VIETNAMESE ICED COFFEE EVER.

You will need:

+ CRUSHED ICE (duh, crushed ice makes everything better)

+ mason jar, or cute glass cup

+ condensed milk 

+ half & half

+ espresso

+ vietnamese coffee filter

1. brew dat espresso with condensed milk at the bottom (amount of c/m depends on how sweet you like your coffee,duh)

( my favorite brand is the one with the old man on it, you can find this at any Asian Supermarket) 

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 8.18.07 PM.png

2. Mixx it

3. pour into your gorgeous crushed ice/mason jar


4. Splash of half + half to top it off

5. Sugar if you want it to taste like a coffee milkshake (optional)

boom. thank me later. (yeah I know its just regular vietnamese iced coffee w a splash of half & half but it makes a huge difference to me & so delicious) and please shut it with the calorie count and how "healthy" this is for you. 


let me know if you're loving this combo as well.